Sign up for this one hour class [or private seminar] and become a savvy wine taster! Learn what to expect when visiting wineries and how to behave! What is acceptable and what's not. Learn the wine jargon that the experts use and what questions to ask to get the most from your wine country visit!

Learn to volatize the esters in your wine with the best of them. Contact Via Vino for a class during your wine country visit, or better yet, the very first day you arrive!

Tasting seminars can be arranged at wineries, local tasting bars or even conducted right in your hotel room.

$50. per person with a four [4] person minimum - To evaluate glasses and 3 wines. Please contact Jo Ann to talk about times, dates and places in more detail.

Must be 21 years old with proof of age

Make the best of your wine country experience by immersing yourself, while having fun learning all about tasting wine!


  • What does "legs" really mean?
  • What about the "tears" of the wine?
  • Do winemakers really add pepper or something to get those spicy flavors?
  • What is Cassis?
  • Should I rinse my glass each time?
  • Do I spit or swallow?
  • Do I really need to cleanse my palate?

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